Action Alert: Stop Known Child Sex Offenders from Harming Children Overseas

Hey all,

I’m not sure (yet) how to cross post from one blog to another. I just finished writing the following note for the SOLD Interns blog and decided to repost it here. Just over a month into my internship with them I am learning a lot about the sex trade in Thailand. Overwhelming as it may be, it is legislative efforts like H.R. 1623 that will make a difference over the long haul.

Please contact your reps today to support the passing of this important piece of legislation.

One of the reasons sexual exploitation of children flourishes in the open is due to a lack of legal enforcement of this crime. Many countries, Thailand included, have yet to create, implement, and enforce laws that protect children from sex predators. A recent article published by Time, “A Move to Register Sex Offenders Globally,” spoke to this concern.

In the article, author Deena Guzder advocates supporting a bill on the House floor, H.R. 1623, also known as International Megan’s Law. If passed, H.R. 1623 will establish communication between international governments and legal bodies to ensure known sex offenders do not harm children overseas. According to Bill sponsor, N.J. Representative, Chris Smith, H.R. 1623 will “alert officials abroad when U.S. sex offenders intend to travel and would encourage other countries to keep sex offender lists and notify American officials about offenders’ U.S. travel plans.”

Lacking legal precedence for the arrest and conviction of the sexual abuse of minors, child sex predators and pedophiles boldly exploit children overseas because they know there are no legal consequences. The passing of H.R. 1623 will change this. One of the key objectives is to create an international sex offender list. Should a known American pedophile commit a sexual act against a minor child in Cambodia, Thailand, Russia, Australia, (etc.) that person can be arrested and tried for their crime(s).

The passing of H.R. 1623 is a key step to establishing a force-able zero-tolerance law against the sexual exploitation of children worldwide. Says Smith, “The buyers of commercial sex must be sensitized to the harm they cause women and girls and to the fact their money fuels modern-day slavery.”

H.R. 1623, “International Megan’s Law,” is set to appear before the House floor (again) this month, October 2009. We, SOLD Interns, are asking you to get involved. Two simple steps is all it takes to express your desire to see children protected around the world and perpetrators of child abuse brought to justice.

Contact your House Representative and encourage them to support the passing of H.R. 1623.

Below is a template you can use via email or voicemail:

Dear Representative (Name):

As a constituent in the state of (your state), I am very concerned about the sexual exploitation of children globally at the hands of known sex offenders. I strongly encourage you to pass H.R. 1623, “International Megan’s Law,” which will create an international sex offender list and foster international communication and cooperation in preventing known sex offenders from harming children overseas.

Thank You,

(your name)

(your city, state)

Thank you for your support and willingness to get involved.



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