The Things We Do For Love

So, as I’m waking up this morning, later than I should be, I mention to my Buddy that I need to put gas in my car–how I let the tank drop too low and the gas light is coming on. I jokingly said “I may be calling you to come get me.”

I’m getting dressed in the bathroom, mentally kicking myself for not remembering to fill the tank the night before, thinking about how late I’m going to be for work after I stop and get gas. I finish up my routine, rush to the closet, throw on my coat, head over to the window to peek outside to see if I’ll need to scrape any frost off the windshield, and… car.

*Moment of panic.*

I run to the bedroom to tell Rob my car is missing only to find an empty bed. I’m a little confused at this point and head back to the window to double-check that my car is actually missing. My heart warms while I watch as my car is being returned to the driveway.

While I was getting dressed and ready for work, my Buddy quietly slipped out the house, took my car to the gas station and filled the tank.


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