Brake Fluid

Let me set the stage for you: busy day.
3-hour presentation to attend, 9:30am start-time—sharp!
I’m up and out the house on time. (woot!)

On my way, I notice some red lights.

Look down at the dash…brake light & oil light both on…staying on…. Call Rob for help.

~ Turn car around. ~ Head back to house. ~

No more brake fluid, but we do have oil. Rob adds oil and I’m nervously on my way—-40 mile trip, each way.

Brakes grinding the whole way.
Brake light remains on the entire trip.

Make it with 7 minutes to spare. (wew!)

Readying to leave, notice the following on the dash of my car:

Heart melts.
Eyes Tear.
BIG, big smile.

Prior to his trek into Rogers Park, my Buddy traveled 40 miles out of his way to make sure I am safe.

I am married to the best Buddy ever.


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