Friday Night Feature: Traffick Free

Welcome to another installment of Friday Night Feature. This round we’re featuring, Traffick Free, an Illinois based group that has their finger on the pulse of raising awareness against human trafficking in the city of Chicago.

We first learned of Traffick Free about a year and a half ago while preparing to teach a 12-week Adult Ed class on Social Justice. Comprised primarily of working professionals and young adults, members of Traffick Free engage citizens of Illinois through educational events and creative demonstrations of activism. Their goal is to inspire people to become advocates for victims and involved in the political process by influencing policy makers to in pass laws that provide the support and resources necessary to law enforcement and social service agencies addressing the effects of trafficking on the front lines.

Traffick Free meets monthly at Park Community Church (1001 N. Crosby, Chicago; Room 205/206).

All are welcome to attend.

The June meeting will offer the opportunity to hear stories from survivors as well as present tangible ways to become involved in the fight against trafficking.

For more information on the June meeting, click the following link . Under Upcoming Events, select “June 8 meeting”.

Hope to see you there!



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