We have a Dining Room!

So, I’ve been MIA for a while. It has been Woman-vs-Boxes and Man-vs-Dirt around here lately and for a while there, the boxes (and dirt) were winning. Until, a few days ago when I looked those boxes square in the eye and said “No more!” Armed in my comfy pj’s, super cozy slippers, and the “I Mean Business” hair tie, I was a woman on a mission: to rid the dining room of boxes and create a space to eat and entertain.

After hours of picking away at the stacks and stacks of boxes we eventually found the floor to what would become the dining room.

Boxes have landed!

Making progress. Can you tell?

plugging along

What we found was a neglected hardwood floor in need of some serious elbow-grease and lots of TLC. A couple rounds of sweeping (gotta love those Swiffer Sweepers!) followed by a few hearty moppings with the wonderfully-magical Murphy’s Oil Soap preceded a hefty coat of varnish to bring back the luster and shine of this beautiful hardwood floor.

after half a round of sweeping....yuck!


Wow! Look how shiny!

Add a decorative “rug” (made of recycled plastic), a table, and a few empty bookcases and wallah! A dining room!

Wallah! The makings of a Dining Room.

We are now ready to entertain. Who’s in?


2 thoughts on “We have a Dining Room!

  1. Su & Rob says:

    Thank you, Diane. 🙂 It’s amazing what a little elbow grease can do! We’re taking it one room at a time. Thank you for you prayers, we can feel them.


  2. Dee P says:

    WOW, you weren’t kidding about getting settled! Marina guided us in prayer for your apartment process last nite. Rob, do clean ANYWHERE? B/c I sure could use your guidance with my 3Gs. They think that I have an army sargeant’s personality. COngrats on the dining room win! It’ll all be ok. Get rest and eat right and it’ll all be ok. Well, you have to add the coffee too, of course…

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