Book Review: The Gospel According to Jesus

So, I recently signed up for this really fun book blogging thing, of sorts. It’s called BookSneeze. You choose from a pretty wide selection of books, they send you books—for free! Once you complete the read you agree to write a review. Simple. Affordable. Fun.

My first read from BookSneeze: The Gospel According to Jesus, by Chris Seay.

I must say I had very high hopes. I remember waiting anxiously for the postal carrier to deliver it so that I could cuddle up with a nice cup of tea and dive in. First off, let it be noted The Gospel According to Jesus is not a book you can read in one sitting (or two, or even three). There’s enough to chew on in each chapter that it should be read with space to reflect in-between chapters.

Overall, I have to say I was a tad disappointed by this read. I think The Gospel According to Jesus is a great launching point for anyone who is just beginning to dig deeper and look beyond the surface of scripture—especially those who want to understand the basics of biblical justice. Seay’s points are well grounded in scripture (a plus) and are challenging to the reader in that he brings the reader to the root of the Gospel’s message over and over (another plus). However it seemed to me that at times it took awhile to “get there” and so at times I found myself pushing through.

It is clear Seay’s intent is for the reader to walk away not only with a deeper understanding of the implications of what it means to truly carry the cross and to really love others, but to also provide examples of how to flesh this out in everyday life (another plus). Those who have spent time “digging deeper,” or who are well read in areas of biblical justice, community living, and following after Christ, will find this book to be a refresher or reference.


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