Friday Night Feature: THE SOLD PROJECT


In 2009, I served as a volunteer intern for 5 months with an incredible organization called The Sold Project, the mission of which is to stop child prostitution in Thailand before it begins. Right on! They accomplish this by concentrating their efforts and programing on youth demonstrating the highest risk factors toward exploitation in the sex trade. As a means to provide the greatest opportunity out of poverty and an inevitable life of forced prostitution into a life of choice, youth are offered educational scholarships. Yep, that’s right, full scholarships covering elementary, middle, high school and college. Right on! Scholarships are sponsor-based, so kudos to the AWESOME advocates supporting over 100 beautiful children through school.

Images property of The Sold Project


Images property of The Sold Project

Images property of The Sold Project

In addition to educational scholarships, students participate in English classes, are assigned a mentor, and take part in all kinds of after-school programs. Staff and volunteers from The Sold Project partner with local agencies and schools to help educate youth, parents and community members about the tactics used by traffickers to deceive adults and lure children into the world of child prostitution. For more information on the Freedom Scholarship, click here.


As a result of my time as an intern with The Sold Project, $1,500 was raised to support Sold’s efforts in Thailand, several screenings of the documentary: SOLD: THAILAND were held, and a community wide event was organized to raise awareness of human trafficking and the sex trade (see post: RESCUE.) (If you are interested in hosting a viewing of the documentary, SOLD: THAILAND, contact me and we’ll make it happen!)

I share all this to say I believe deeply in the work of The Sold Project. They are in the business of sparing innocent lives from horrific abuses and providing a bridge from poverty to opportunity, despair to hope, acceptance to empowerment.



SOLD is in need of sponsors for 17 beautiful children. Please click the link provided, 17 Students in Need of Scholarships. Consider sponsoring a child. Rob and I currently sponsor a young girl through The Sold Project. We receive updates on her progress and can communicate with her via cards and notes thanks to the work of a translator. It’s the best $35 dollars we spend each month!


UPDATE: MARCH 13, 2011:

GREAT NEWS!! You did it! All 17 students have received sponsors! Wo-hoo!! Check it out by clicking this link: SOLD’S NEW 17



Additional Resources:

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