Travels, Birthdays, Memorials, and a Deer

Planned a trip to N.Y. over Memorial Weekend. Packed the car, filled the cooler with snacks, and we were off!

some reading to keep (me) from asking "how many more miles to go?"

Are we there yet?

Thought a hawk was flying in the sky ... nope. Bug schmear on the window.

beautiful sky ... relaxing drive

416 miles later

We stopped to spend the night with Rob’s sister, Julie, who planned a birthday party for Rob.

"Happy Birthday, Robbie!"

to. die. for.

The reason for our travels, my grandfather’s burial. Rob officiated the ceremony, perfectly capturing Papa’s character and legacy, while offering encouraging words of comfort as we continue to live life anew, without him.

Papa would have turned 79 today

After the service we headed to my parents’ house to celebrate Memorial Weekend, family style: complete with games, a backyard play, and the best desserts ever!

the family (minus one or two)

We were able to stop in Buffalo, N.Y. on the way home to spend the night with Rob’s folks. Some fuel for the ten-hour ride home: Tim Hortons!

in honour of Mark Taube

in honour of Kora Taube

Shortly into our trek home, we had the very unfortunate experience of being hit by a deer. Yep, you heard correctly. WE were hit by a deer. My Buddy did everything possible to avoid colliding with it as it darted across the road. We survived. The deer, sadly, did not. :-{




3 thoughts on “Travels, Birthdays, Memorials, and a Deer

  1. Su & Rob says:

    Yes. Rob’s first memorial. He did a great job. This was a fun road trip with lots of family-fun stuff packed in.

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