Sunday Souffle!

Sunday Cheese Souffle - yum!

Lazy-day Sunday starts off with the following conversation,

Me: peeking in the fridge, “Buddy? What are your plans for the day?”

Buddy: playing with the kittens, “I think I’m going for a run.”

Me: closing the fridge door, “Oh. OK.”

Buddy: heading towards me in the kitchen, “Why? What’s up.”

Me: *hug*, “Eh, nothing. I was just wondering if you would make that yummy egg-thingy.”

Buddy: “Sure.”

Me: big smile, “Wo-hoo!”

I then proceed to the living room, book in one hand (A Lion Called Christian: The True Story of the Remarkable Bond Between Two Friends and a Lion), cup of tea in the other. I curl up on the couch, while our foster kitties, Amelia and Thelonious, climb around me.

An hour or so later, my Buddy presents his masterpiece …”What is that?” I ask.

“A soufflé.”

“Wow! Looks like a loaf of bread.” And it did: a perfectly baked loaf of egg-bread complete with crease along the top. “Is it ready?”


As I’m eating my husband’s scrumptious masterpiece, I ask about the process of making a soufflé. … Um, holy cow! This is a complicated and delicate process involving cream sauce, egg whites, tempered egg yolks, and fluffing, all in a precarious balance so as not to flatten the soufflé.

‘Yikes!’ I think to myself. I hadn’t realized the process of making this yummy “egg-thingy” was so complicated and time consuming. (I honestly thought it was one of those “quick fix” kind of meals, a “one-dish” wonder.) If I had realized the steps involved I would’ve settled for a bowl of cereal.

But, that’s my Buddy: patient, kind, and quietly tinkering along to produce beautiful demonstrations of his love for me.

Yep. He’s a keeper.


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