Part 3: The Prosecution Responds

Nunu Sung with her son.

Dear Readers and Supporters of Nunu Sung,

It appears you all are making headway! Thank you for reading about Nunu’s case and responding. Your actions are felt and heard here in the Chicagoland area! KEEP IT UP! (And a hearty THANK YOU!!)

As you have demonstrated a vested interest in this case, a very interesting development occurred yesterday which I would like to share with you.

I have been contacted by a member of the prosecuting team, Chuck Rohde. (Members of the prosecution team are as follows: Augusta Clark, prosecuting attorney and member of the Criminal Division under the direction of the DuPage County States Attorney. Kathleen Anderson, Guardian ad Litem. Janet Ahern, D.C.F.S. Deputy General Counsel, and Mr. Rohde.) Mr. Rohde represents the foster family involved in this case. He requested I remove the photographs of Nunu Sung with Joshua from all of my articles. He stated a concern for the privacy of the foster family and Joshua. He mentioned standard protocol which media adhere to regarding cases involving minors (though, he stipulated I was not bound to the same as a private citizen). And he implied the publication of such photos may have a negative impact on visitation rights set forth by the child welfare agencies involved.

In response to Mr. Rohde’s assertions, I feel I must offer the following commentary.

(1) While I respect the desire of the prosecution to maintain a level of privacy for the foster family and Joshua, I believe that line was crossed when a petition was filed to terminate Nunu Sung’s parental rights. This petition stands in direct violation of Nunu’s Plea Deal, which was agreed upon by all parties. (This includes the foster family.) This information must be shared. Privacy has become a luxury for all parties involved.

(2) As a private citizen I recognize that I am not bound by the same protocol as the media. I have pledged to use my voice and resources to propel this case into the mainstream.

(3) As it was not Nunu Sung who provided the photographs my efforts as a private citizen should hold no bearing on her rights of visitation. I’ve had no communication with Nunu Sung since the day of her sentencing. Any efforts to promote this case are the result of the use of my intellect, reasoning, and resources.

While Mr. Rohde indicated he was in no way trying to discourage my efforts to express my opinion or garner support for Nunu, he asked what I believe to be an incredibly poignant question:

“What good could come from publishing the photos of Joshua?”

The “good” I hope will come out of publishing these photos is at the very heart of this case and my efforts: to see Nunu Sung reunited with her son.

Up until the past few months, Nunu’s story, voice, and experience has been overlooked, silenced, and dismissed from the media. Up until recently, media attention focused on one aspect of this case and one aspect only: that on a night in June of 2009 Nunu left her son, covered, under a bush. What has been sorely lacking over the past two years from the media realm is coverage and reporting on the determined efforts of Nunu Sung to gain custody of her son.

As a result, a perception has formed around Nunu Sung that she is an unfit mother, and that all of a sudden she is trying to win him back. Perceptions, I believe the prosecution continue to promulgate for their advantage.

The good I hope to accomplish in publishing the photos of Nunu Sung with her son is to show that she has been an active, constant part of his life.

The good I hope to accomplish in publishing the photos of Joshua and Nunu Sung is to counter the fallacy believed and articulated by Judge C. Stanley Austin (the Judge presiding over this case) that “a bond did not exist” between Nunu and her son.

The good I hope to accomplish in publishing the photos of Nunu with her son is to negate the perception that she is an unfit mother.

The good I hope to accomplish by publishing the photos of Nunu with her son is to advance  efforts to ensure that Nunu Sung retains her parental rights and custody of her son.

All that is needed to know about the love of a mother for her child is  clearly seen in these photographs in a way more powerful than I could ever communicate by writing ten thousand words of Nunu’s love for her son.

And to me, that is “the good” worth fighting for.


12 thoughts on “Part 3: The Prosecution Responds

  1. Shirley DeLano says:

    Sorry I haven’t read this story before now. Very proud of you for “sticking up” for what is right and fair:) This is totally wrong and definitely shouldn’t happen in this country or any other!! This is supposed to be justice?? You can bet if she had the money to have a high priced lawyer her case would have never even gotten to court. Makes you wonder just how much money this foster family has? She gets 3 years for something she didn’t understand, and we let murderers and drug trafficing criminals walk with a slap on the wrist (if they even get that). Then she accepts everything she is handed and then they take back what they said after she’s in jail. Unbelievable!

    • Su says:


      Thank you for your vote of support.Unbelievable is the best way to describe this case.

      I was reading an article in the Chicago Tribune in which a babysitter was given probation for the death of an infant while in her care. She admitted to leaving the baby strapped in a car seat for about 5 hours while she left the house to run errands and pick her children up from school. Her sentence: 30 months probation. No prison time.

      And here we have a woman, Nunu Sung, who took responsibility for her action and pursued every avenue to maintain a relationship with her son, demonstrating a loving bond between them, and she receives a 3-year term and then a petition to terminate her parental rights slapped in her face when part of her Plea Deal included the stipulation not to terminate her rights. Yes, unbelievable.

      Please do your part to support Nunu’s efforts by sending a letter to State’s Attorney Bob Berlin. In addition, please send a letter to the Editor of one of the media sources listed in the Call to Action (found by clicking the Nunu Sung tab located at the top of this blog).


    • Su says:

      Thank you, Heather.

      Please help by spreading the word, and most importantly, writing a letter to the State’s Attorney and media. You can use the Template provided in the Call to Action (which is listed int he drop down menu of the “Nunu Sung” tab at the top of my blog)


        • Butch says:

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