Observations of a Loving Mother

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Thank you, dear reader, for joining me once more in this series on Nunu Sung’s fight to retain parental rights of her son, Joshua. On Wednesday, October 19, Judge C. Stanley Austin is scheduled to rule on whether to terminate Nunu’s parental rights. A ruling of this nature is a violation of the terms of Nunu’s plea deal. Imposing such a decision will send a message to birthmothers, like Nunu, who have diligently labored, complied with court proceedings, and fulfilled D.C.F.S. requirements, that “your efforts do not matter, the court will do what it pleases.” Please continue to send letters and voice your support for Nunu.

In this post, I would like to share with you my observations of Nunu Sung as a mother. The truth of the matter,

Nunu Sung is a devoted mother.

Nunu Sung absolutely adores her son.

Nunu Sung lives for her son; he is her heartbeat.

Nunu Sung with her son.

What I want you to know, dear reader, is how dedicated Nunu is to her son.

While working full time and attending court meetings, Nunu visited Joshua at every available opportunity allowed. In court proceedings, the social workers overseeing this case and the foster family caring for Joshua have all reported on Nunu’s love and adoration for her son, affirmed her efforts to develop a relationship with him, and spoke positively of Nunu’s determination to provide for him financially.

What I want you to know, dear reader, is how much Nunu has sacrificed for her son.

Often going without, Nunu would spend her entire paycheck to provide for her son. After working long and late hours in a factory she would wake early to make her appointments to spend time with Joshua. In addition to playing, dressing, laughing, loving, and bonding with him, while together Nunu would speak to Joshua in their native Chin, that he may come to know the sounds and language of his culture. In her spare time, it was not uncommon to find Nunu in the kitchen preparing meals for Joshua, that he would come to know the foods and flavours of his culture.

What I want you to know, dear reader, is that Nunu is a committed mother, a devoted mother, a loving mother.

Like every adoring mother, Nunu snapped dozens of pictures and videos of Joshua. I have had the pleasure of giggling alongside Nunu at his funny antics, his cuteness, his cheeky behaviour. I have watched her face beam with pride while sharing with me the ways he was growing and developing. I have witnessed the light in her eyes while showing me countless photos of her son. I have been inspired by Nunu’s dedication and determination to fulfill every requirement placed on her by the court and D.C.F.S. I have observed countless sacrifices to go without in order to ensure her son was cared for and provided for, and not because she was ordered to do so by the court, but because she loves him. I have noticed the fear in her eyes and heard the quiver in her voice as she worried whether she would lose him. Hardly the actions of an unfit or unloving mother if you ask me.

Her dedication and commitment extends to her time in prison as well. Since the foster family’s refusal to bring Joshua to visit Nunu, she sends letters every week to her son, that he may continue to know how much she loves him, thinks of him, and plans for the day they will be together.

There are some who question Joshua’s safety. To that I answer you have no need to fear. What I ask you to consider, is the irony of her case. In my experience, I know of many children living in unstable, unhealthy, and abusive environments. Situations in which a parent attends a few counseling sessions, enrolls in a substance abuse help group, or goes to a couple of anger management classes (etc.,) and the child is placed right back in the home, no questions asked, where the abuse continues. We can all think of a child in such circumstances, circumstances in which the system is truly failing the child.

What I want you to know, dear reader, is that the court is failing Nunu and in essence, Joshua.

Nunu is neither abusive nor an addict. She has never displayed an emotional or violent outburst toward to her son. To the contrary, she has spent every day of the past few years proving, through action and deed, her love for her son. Nunu is a patient mother. A kind mother. A caring mother. With affirmations from social workers and case workers I am completely astounded by the court’s reticence—Judge C. Stanley Austin’s refusal—to reunite mother and child.

Here are a few things I am certain of regarding Nunu’s devotion to Joshua:

  • I have no doubt in my mind that Nunu’s love for Joshua compels her efforts to gain custody.
  • I have no doubt in my mind that Nunu’s commitment to Joshua fueled the sacrifices she made to provide for his needs.
  • I have no doubt in my mind that Joshua is the first thought on Nunu’s mind when she wakes in the morning and the last thought on her mind before going to sleep.
  • I have no doubt in my mind that love for Joshua carries her through each day.
  • I have no doubt in my mind that love for Joshua, and a desire to do whatever necessary to be reunited with her son, is the reason Nunu willingly agreed to accept the terms of the plea deal and serve time in jail.
  • I have no doubt in my mind that the guarantee, the contract made in the plea deal not to terminate her parental rights, is the promise and foundation Nunu stands on every day of her sentence.
  • I have no doubt in my mind Nunu longs for the day when she will be reunited with her son.
  • I have no doubt in my mind that Nunu Sung is a loving mother.

If, after reading this series, you choose to harbor labels and judgment in your heart toward Nunu, I can not help you. That is between you and God. For me, I have seen too much that proves the contrary.

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