A Visit with Her Son

Well, dear reader, I have some good news and some great news. Let’s start with the good news. The Termination Hearing scheduled for today was canceled—not permanently (though a change of heart from Judge Austin would be awesome!). From what I understand it will be rescheduled. When I know the date, you will too.

Here’s the great news:

Nunu was able to spend some time with Joshua!

How I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to witness her time with him. After many months of no visits from the foster family and no contact with Joshua, I’m sure her spirits are soaring right now, and her resolve for custody even stronger than ever.

I’m sure there were many tears of joy and subsequently, longing.

I hope that all present were able to feel and sense her strong love for him.

I pray the hearts of all present were touched and stirred to understand the right course of action is to reunite Nunu and Joshua.

I continue to hope everyday: that the Judge will make the right call: to deny the termination petition against Nunu’s parental rights.

I continue to hope everyday: that the Guardian ad Litem, Kathleen Anderson, will remember Joshua’s placement was backed by the intent to reunite–not adopt–and withdraw the petition.

I continue to hope everyday: that the foster family caring for Joshua will have a change of heart and offer him back to Nunu, his mother by birth, recognizing their (important) season in his life is coming to a close.

I continue to hope everyday: that the prosecution team–Chuck Rhode, Augusta Clark, Janet Ahern, Kathleen Anderson–will join the side of fairness and justice and honor the terms of Nunu’s plea agreement rather than violate them by representing a petition which disregards them, and in essence, a mother’s right to retain parental rights.

I continue to hope everyday: that Nunu’s love, devotion and dedicated actions will prevail; that followers of this story will continue to publicize her case and continue to show support through public means.

I continue to hope everyday: that one day soon this long ordeal will come to an end. And that end will find Nunu and Joshua reunited after much too long apart.


11 thoughts on “A Visit with Her Son

  1. günstiger autokredit says:

    Snart är det dags för redovisningar vecka 46 är det dags att börja med de muntliga, där ni hÃ¥ller ”föredrag” för era klasskamrater (var beredda pÃ¥ att svar pÃ¥ frÃ¥gor om det ni berättar). Samma vecka ska era skriftliga bidrag mailas in till som bifogat worddokument märkta med namn, klass, grupp och ämne (det ni valt att jobba med), för att avsluta med de praktiska momentet (ca vecka 48) ensemblespel.Lycka till //Johan

  2. Tina Glenke says:

    Do you know what happened when NuNu went back to court on either 10-20 or 10-21? This court date is for the hearing that was canceled. I heard that it didn’t go well, but I do not know exactly what happened. I can only hope and pray that NuNu gets her son back and her parental rights are not taken away. We all make mistakes in our lives but we all deserve a 2nd chance. She will be a wonderful mother to Joshua when she comes home in January.

    • Su says:


      I do not know what happened in court last week. All I know is the hearing has been postponed. When I know a date, so will you! Observing Nunu’s efforts over the last few years I know she will be a great mom. Thank you for checking back.


      • Tina says:

        Susan, My best friend is in the same unit with Nunu and they are good friends.That is how I heard about her and her fight for Joshua. My friend told me Nunu came back from court a couple of days ago and had been crying. She was saying “I’m going to loose”. I don’t know anything else. I can let u know more if I hear before u do.

          • Su says:


            It is my fervent prayer that the court will make the right decision, that Judge Austin will deny the Termination petition, and Nunu will be reunited with her son, Joshua. I hope she will continue to have strength. She loves her son so much, her response to the court appointment clearly demonstrates this.


  3. Heather M. De Vries says:

    I was so excited to hear this news, especially about the visit with the Foster parents. I hope they are learning (through you) about the real story behind this. Keep fighting for her Susan, I am so proud of you and and thankful for you!

    • Su says:


      I can only imagine the tears of joy that must have flowed from Nunu at the sight of her son. I am so happy for her and him. I hope the foster family is learning more of Nunu’s experiences as well. I must say, while I am obviously pro-Nunu, I do feel for the foster family. They are in a difficult situation. They have invested much time and love in caring for Joshua. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to even consider releasing Joshua back to his birthmother. But, I stand firm in that it is the right thing to do.

      Thank you for continuing to promote Nunu’s story.

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