The Unraveling of a Defense

In an article posted this evening on The Daily Herald’s website (see: “Guardian Seeks Media Ban…”) we learn that Guardian ad Litem, Kathleen Anderson, attempted to bar media presence from court proceedings for the duration of Nunu’s hearing.

According to the article, Ms. Anderson is upset by the inclusion of a photograph of Nunu kissing her young son, Joshua, in an article published in The Daily Herald’s cover story on Monday. (See: “Refugee Fights for Son…”.) Ms. Anderson claims the Herald violated terms of the Juvenile Court Act by publishing the photo. While the Guardian may say she is concerned with protecting the privacy of the child (which I am sure is true), I believe, dear reader, the reason for the outburst today has to do with the fact that some balance is being brought to the scales of justice.

To me, this outburst from the Guardian ad Litem demonstrates a tear is forming in the seam of the prosecution’s “neat and tidy” case against Nunu Sung.

It seems to me the prosecution’s focus relies on trying to pigeonhole Nunu as an “unfit mother” —the catch phrase often quoted by Kathleen Anderson. It seems the intent of the prosecution is to discredit Nunu’s parental efforts and, in so doing, attempt to prove that she is unfit to parent. If they accomplish this, Nunu loses parental rights and the foster family is able to move forward with adoption proceedings.

Ms. Anderson alleges that a bond never formed between mother and child. This has become a cornerstone in the prosecution’s case against Nunu. I believe the content of these photos flies in the face of Ms. Anderson’s allegation, and you, the reader, are smart enough to see it. I suspect this may be the reason why Ms. Anderson attempted to dictate such a drastic measure today.

It would be much easier for the prosecution to wrap up this case if Nunu is seen by observers as an inhuman, unfit mother who left a helpless infant for no good reason.  What is happening through the uncovering of Nunu’s story—and the publicizing of photos of her and Joshua–is that her humanity is being restored.  As I have stated in past articles, none of these efforts excuse her actions the night of Joshua’s birth.  But, if we can begin to see some of the influencing factors, we can see how someone could be capable of an act like this, at the lowest point of her life, and still become a competent, capable, more-than-fit and loving mother to that same child.

What would it do to the prosecution’s allegations if photographs circulate proving them false? What will happen to the prosecution’s “air tight” case portraying Nunu as “unfit” if photographs reveal her and Joshua laughing and playing together? What will happen to the prosecution’s case against Nunu if in the context of these photos viewers can see the joy, pride and love in the eyes of a mother for her son?

It seems to me if the media continues to publish such photos, and continues to communicate Nunu’s story, the community at large will see the holes in the prosecution’s allegations.

And that just may be enough to tip the scales in Nunu’s favor.

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2 thoughts on “The Unraveling of a Defense

  1. Kay Sheehan says:

    NuNu Sung needs to be with her child. There is no stronger bond than that between and mother and son. Yes, she made a mistake – which of us have not? She has demonstrated her love of her son.

    • Su says:


      Thank you for commenting and following Nunu’s story. I agree with you. Nunu has worked diligently over the past few years to prove her commitment and capability to raise and care for her son. She has held her end of the bargain, and plea deal. The prosecution has not and need to be held accountable to the terms set forth.

      Please continue to spread the word regarding Nunu’s case.


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