book review & giveaway: Mornings with Jesus

Title: Mornings with Jesus: Daily Encouragement for your Soul

Featuring: Judy Baer, Gwen Ford Faulkenberry, Tricia Goyer, Sharon Hinck, Keri Wyatt Kent, Erin Keeley Marshall, Camy Tang

Publisher: Guideposts

Complimentary Copy received from Litfuse

Rating: A+


Alright, I have a confession. I do not spend my mornings with Jesus. I read a chapter at night, before I go to bed. This way the lessons and truths marinate in my subconscious while I sleep. Silly, but true.

Mornings with Jesus is beautifully written, honest, and insightful. I find each daily devotional brings me closer in touch to the heart of the Father I serve.

With seven contributing authors, I enjoy the variety of perspectives. I find the authors’ willingness to “be real” quite refreshing. I appreciate the honesty, tenderness and transparency in which these women share the ups-and-downs of life lived through grace and the ways in which God is working in and through them.

Allow me to offer a sample from author Tricia Goyer that really touched me. Not because I am dealing with a case of false accusation of any kind. But more so as a moral challenge to counter the decline in sensitivity and respect I see occurring in the manner in which we speak to one another in our culture … the name calling, the backbiting, the verbal attacks and slandering that is so prevalent in society … it’s just disheartening, really.

“’Are you the King of the Jews?’ asked Pilate? ‘You have said so,’ Jesus replied. The chief priests accused him of many things. So again Pilate asked him, ‘Aren’t you going to answer? See how many things they are accusing you of.’ But Jesus still made no reply and Pilate was amazed. (Mark 15:2-5)

“I couldn’t be more excited. After working with teenage mothers for years I decided to write a book to help them … After the book was published I e-mailed a sample chapter to a group of young moms I had met online. For some reason they assumed I’d stolen quotes from their online chats without permission. They accused me of many things and didn’t listen when I tried to explain that the moms I quoted had known about the project, saw how their words would be used, and had approved.

“It’s hard when others accuse you. Our first reaction is to deny people’s claims and try to explain what really happened … We want to be justified …

“Jesus understood that no matter what He said or how much He tried to explain, Pilate wouldn’t understand. Pilate’s mind was focused on an earthly kingdom. Jesus’ mind was on a final solution to the problem of sin and on a heavenly reign.

“… I can follow His example. I can speak words that will share hope with others when it’s needed, and I can stand silent during times when nothing I can say will change a disbelieving heart.”

This particular devotional closes with a challenge to readers to not engage in arguments, but to let actions speak louder than words when those we interact with will not be swayed beyond their perceptions.

Good stuff, right?

And each daily reading is filled with such thoughtful nuggets of advice and experience.



Here’s the good news: Guideposts gifted me with an extra copy so that I may offer one to you, *free of charge*. (Woot!)

** Congratulations, Marci! You are the winner of the 2012 devotional, Mornings with Jesus! **

Interested in winning a copy of Mornings with JesusSimply reply to this post. Be sure to include your first name and answer one the following questions. Winner announced February 1, 2012.

(1)   If you could spend the day as an animal, what would you be and why?

(2)   Truth be told:  Team Tamani or Team David, and why?

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(I received a complimentary copy of this selection from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.)


17 thoughts on “book review & giveaway: Mornings with Jesus

  1. Su says:

    Hello Ladies,

    The winner of the 2012 devotional, Mornings with Jesus is …. ..


    Congratulations, Marci! Please check your email to claim your free copy of Mornings with Jesus.

  2. Janet Jackson says:

    I think I would be a kitty cat, they live a life of leisure soaking up the sun, ruling their owners, sleeping alot, they have it made! 🙂

    • Su says:

      Janet, from one cat love to another, I agree they do have it made! I think it would be fun to live as one of my cats for a day to experience life, and the nooks and crannies of my apartment, from their perspective.

  3. Beth says:

    If I were to be any animal for a day, I would choose a dolphin. How awesome that would be to explore the ocean freely and swim with my pod at an extremely fast pace. Flips and jumps out of the water would be quite the experience as well. Dolphins are fun-loving creatures. To live fun-loving for a day would be a marvel.

  4. Lauren B. says:

    TEAM TAM all the wayyyyyy. He is always watching Laurel even when she was young he had an eye out for her. He trained to be a sentry just to care for her. He has put himself through endless amounts of danger and technically he had her first. He exchanged a ring to Laurel which is like a betrothal but since her memory got erased she doesn’t remember. But he still had her first. He wins!

    • Su says:

      Oh, Marci …. I will not hold Team David against you! I was there during the first reading, but after re-reading the series last summer I’ve jumped ship and joined the “Team Tam” camp. Welcome to my blog. 🙂

    • Su says:

      Good choice. I often wonder what my kitties are thinking or what they do during the day when no one is around, or how some of the messes I come home happen… I think it would be neat to experience life from their perspective for a day.

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