An Outflow of Support

Well, dear reader, I have some fantastic news and some news that requires your attention.

First, the fantastic news … Nunu Sung will finish her sentence this week!

During the course of this week Nunu fulfills her end of the plea agreement by completing the penal term set by Judge Blanche Hill Falwell back in October of 2010. She is scheduled for release sometime this week … just a few short days from the February 8th court date in which Judge Anderson will decide whether to terminate her parental rights and determine placement for her son, Joshua.

In just a few days, Nunu will walk into the courtroom as a free woman. She will enter the courthouse through the front door. She will ride the escalators up to the third floor and enter Juvenile Court without the direction of a bailiff, or sheriff, or police escort.

She will enter the courtroom as a mother who went to great lengths to demonstrate her love for her son.

I can only imagine the rollercoaster of emotions swimming through Nunu Sung this week.

Ok, now here is the news that requires your attention and action.

On Monday, February 6, 2012, this custody trial, this mother’s two-and-a-half year fight to keep her son, will come to a close. And there is still uncertainty in terms of how the judge will rule.

(This is where you get involved, faithful reader.)

A few weeks ago I asked that you contact Judge Anderson voicing support that Nunu’s parental rights be upheld and the prosecution team made accountable to the terms of the plea agreement. I want to thank every one of you who sent a letter … *THANK YOU!*

I am asking those of you who have yet to send a letter to Judge Anderson, to do so


Right now.

Time is ticking down.

You may follow the format I’ve provided (by clicking here), or you may draft your own.

Please send your letter to Judge Robert J. Anderson,

I’d like to share a few excerpts from the handful of letters passed along to me.

Supporter #1:

“[Nunu] has been a good mother to her son by trying her hardest to maintain a relationship, even while she was in prison, with him and has clearly shown love to him. It is my understanding that the strongest force in all the universe is love. Ms. Sung has shown love to her son by devoting every day of her life to being reunited with her son, Joshua.

Please Sir, I ask that you not terminate her rights. Nunu Sung has served her time and has tried to make amends with her son. If her son were old enough to speak for himself would he forgive his mother? I believe after seeing all she did for him he would.”


Supporter #2:

“After having my own two children I was lucky enough to be in care of physicians and nurses and husband; I cannot imagine the devastation I would have experienced with all of Nunu’s cultural baggage. How scared she must have been. We keep children in families all of the time who don’t make half the effort Nunu is making. She deserves a chance to be mother to this child. Ms. Sung’s consistent efforts prove she is indeed fit, and capable to love and raise her son.

How can the [plea] agreement even be violated? This is an atrocious abuse of the system as it is victimizing someone who came here seeking better. She deserves better.”

Supporter #3:

“In a January 17, 2011 issue of the Daily Herald, an article stated that Nunu’s attorneys say “Sung’s parental rights never should have been challenged because state prosecutors agreed not to interfere with her reunification with the boy under a plea agreement in her criminal case.”  I hope that will be taken into consideration.

Sung’s parental rights never should have been challenged because state prosecutors agreed not to interfere with her reunification with the boy under a plea agreement in her criminal case.”

Supporter #4:

Judge Anderson, I ask that you consider, in this next phase of determining what is in the best interest for Joshua, that you have a choice in whether to terminate Nunu’s parental rights. I ask that you consider the fact that she quickly took responsibility for the mistake she made. I ask that you consider how swiftly she began asking for her son, within hours after his birth. I ask that you consider the remorse she demonstrated over her course of action. I ask that you consider the determined, consistent efforts Nunu has displayed over the past few years to maintain a relationship with her son, Joshua, and meet her care plan requirements. I ask that you consider the sacrifices she has made to prove her love and devotion to Joshua–including serving a prison term.”

Supporter #5:

“Ms. Sung made a mistake two-and-a-half years ago and has accepted responsibility for her actions.  Since then, Ms. Sung has devoted herself to learning to be a more than adequate mother to Joshua.  I implore you to consider the value of allowing the child to be raised by a mother who loves him dearly and deeply regrets a mistake that was made at the lowest point of her life; a mistake that she would never repeat.  Ms. Sung’s consistent efforts prove she is indeed fit, and capable, to love and raise her son.  Please consider advising that a supervised plan to transition Joshua back into her care be created.

Ms. Sung has done everything asked of her to show that Joshua should be returned to her care from visitations, providing food and clothing, even to the extent of serving a jail sentence that was part of a plea agreement which she took to ensure that Joshua would one day return to her care.  While Ms. Sung has honored the terms of her plea agreement in serving time in prison, I ask that you hold the prosecution accountable to those same terms which stipulate that no party will attempt to terminate her parental rights.  I understand that the plea agreement was not entered into in juvenile court, but the parties who seek to terminate her rights now were present in the civil court and were among those who entered into the plea agreement. 

I believe that the laws of this nation are designed to help everyone have equal access to justice, and I urge you to consider that promising not to seek termination of parental rights in one court with the intention of seeking termination of those same rights in another is not a just act.  Please allow Ms. Sung to continue to work toward proving that she is a capable, sound, and fit mother for her son.”

Add your voice, dear reader. Send your letter today!

Judge Robert J. Anderson, and

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