Chicago Recording Artist Proof That: One Girl Can Change The World

WHO: Chicago Artist, Shuree

WHAT: The One Girl Can Change The World Tour Launch

WHERE: First United Methodist Church

WHEN: Friday, April 20, 2012

On Friday, April 20th, magic will happen in Chicago. Christian music artist Shuree will celebrate the launch of her new album and tour, “One Girl Can Change The World”. The highly anticipated event will take place at First United Methodist Church in Waukegan, IL, at 7:30PM. (To purchase tickets, click here.)

A year in the making, Shuree’s album is a highly energetic blend of pop, dance and rock sounds, on par with icons such Kelly Clarkson, Britt Nicole, Jessie J., and Mariah Carey. Shuree’s tunes are catchy, edgy; full of fire, passion and rhythm. What I found most refreshing about this album: the positive message behind every track. Drawing from personal experience as inspiration to connect with others, Shuree’s music offers encouragement and hope that the best life has to offer is available no matter what your background or circumstance.

Themes of passion, purpose, and power are present in every song; themes which form the cornerstone of this project:

“Every person has a story and moments of suffering in their story. Another word for passion is suffering. To me the question is ‘what is the thing that you’ve been through that’s been painful and hard?’. When you hand those hard things to God, hand those broken pieces of your life to God, He begins to strengthen them and through this process you begin to develop a passion for reaching others in the same situation.” (Interview on The Drive.)

Lucky enough to snag a *pre-release* copy of One Girl Can Change The World  for blogger review, I can honestly say I LOVE it!

This album is suitable for both men and women. The young, the old and everyone in-between will easily relate to Shuree’s honesty and message. LIke to dance? Looking for new tunes to add to a workout routine? On the hunt for the ‘newest-freshest-talent’ to add to your playlist? Look no further! One Girl Can Change The World is for you! Parents of teens and tweens will enjoy Shuree’s music knowing the material is clean and safe for children to listen to (no swearing or inappropriate themes, etc.). Shuree’s encouraging lyrics fill the void left by the overly suggestive and self-aggrandizing lyrics present in much of mainstream music today. One Girl Can Change The World is a breath of fresh air, providing a much needed alternative to what’s on the market.

A veteran of the music industry for almost 10 years, Shuree continues to hone her craft, develop her unique style, and use music as a platform to encourage and uplift others. “My passion is to help people understand that no matter what you’ve been through, no matter what walk of life, no matter how different you are or how different you feel, or how weak you feel, you are made for something greater. And I really want to get that message out.” (The Drive.)

Opening for such superstars as Nicole C. Mullens, Rebecca St. James, and Building 429, Shuree has proven her ability to command a stage. Pre-album radio release of singles “One Girl (Can Change the World)” and “Broken is Beautiful” have already topped the charts.

My prediction after listening to this album: *Shuree is an artist with a bright future.*

My advice … run, don’t walk, to purchase a copy of Shuree’s album One Girl Can Change The World and catch her on tour beginning April 20th.


 The following is my review of the One Girl Can Change The World play list.

  • One Girl (Can Change The World), is an anthem to all women to dream big and live out loud. A catchy dance tune promoting self-worth, confidence, and the positive message that women and girls of all ages can use their passion to engage the issues in the world today and make a difference.
  • Broken is Beautiful, a ballad for anyone who’s made mistakes, holds regret or pain from past experiences, unsure how to move on. Broken is Beautiful is a reminder that when placed in the right hands, the broken pieces of our lives become the source of our strength and fuel compassion for others.
  • Dance Into Eternity, a fast-paced dance track casting a vision for the grand party to come … celebrating a life well lived in the presence of the Creator of life.
  • Nothing In This World, is for all the techno fans out there. Shuree answers question like “Who am I?” “What am I living for?” “What is my purpose in life?” and reveals the source of life within her that fans the flame of purpose.
  • Throw It Away, a hard rock anthem in favor of standing firm in who you are and letting the “haters” out there roll off your back. In life all of us will encounter negative people who try and steal our joy, discredit our plans or put down our goals and dreams. Throw It Away offers a reminder to hold on to your dreams and let all the other junk go.
  • Where I Am, with it’s edgy bohemian feel, is a call to be authentic in relationships. When people ask ‘how are you’ … tell them the truth, don’t lie, and give permission for others to tell the truth in the midst of their circumstance. Life’s not always a bed of roses! We all have rainy days so let’s just be honest and be there for each other.
  • Undeniable, a slow and beautiful ballad (we’re talking goose bumps here, people), speaking to the faithfulness of God in our lives. This song is my favorite song on the album. Powerful, simply powerful.
  • Love Believes, an encouragement to continue pressing in and moving forward one step at a time even when it feels as if everything is falling apart around you. The determination to press on is built on a foundation of hope and love.
  • Mine, a shout-out to all those who stand by us and stick with us through thick and thin, who support us and love us unconditionally, who allow us the space to let our hair down and fill our lives with joy, friendship and purpose.

To see what all the buzz is about, click the following links: Christianity Today. New Release Tuesday, Radio Interview: The Drive, Cross Rhythms.

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