book review & Nook Simple Touch giveaway: My Stubborn Heart

Title: My Stubborn Heart

Author: Becky Wade

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers

Complimentary copy from LitFuse Publicity Group

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Rating: A

I know what you’re thinking. Contemporary romance … Really? And contemporary Christian romance to boot … Seriously? I understand. I felt the same way. I was a bit skeptical too. But, one of the reasons I started blogging for books is to branch out beyond the world of non-fiction. With this disclaimer, I must admit that in My Stubborn Heart author Becky Wade creates an uplifting and touching account of the power of friendship and love to heal a wounded heart.

 In A Nutshell:

We find in the central character, Matt Jarreau, a man hurt deeply by tragedy. In his late twenties, Matt had it all: fame, wealth, and love, in the form of a promising career in the NHL and a marriage to a kind-hearted Miss America. But the high life proved temporary. Within a few short years of bliss and stardom, Matt’s wife dies of brain cancer. Devastated by this loss, Matt’s whole world falls to pieces. He gives up, retreats within, walking away from everything that once held meaning—hockey, family, friends, and faith. Now in his thirties, Matt’s reclusive lifestyle consists of avoiding people at all cost and taking odd jobs as a handyman.

Enter Kate Donovan, a thirty-something, burned-out social worker, on a three-month leave from work to help her grandmother, Beverly, restore her childhood home, Chapel Bluff. Kate is patient, kind, and … persistent. Sensing the rawness, the hurt present in Matt’s soul, Kate determines to befriend this withdrawn carpenter contracted to handle the larger restoration projects on the Chapel Bluff property. Through prayer and compassion Kate reaches out to Matt. Their friendship is rocky and slow in the beginning; navigating through Matt’s defenses and tightly guarded walls presents plenty of challenges. Over time, however, Kate begins to represent a lifeline back to all that was once real, solid, and true in Matt’s life.

The primary storyline focuses on the journey of healing in Matt’s life. I am touched by the way the author captures the ups and downs, the movement forward followed by the setbacks involved in the process of healing. Within the pages of My Stubborn Heart I could see myself. I think if we’re honest, we can all pinpoint a season in life when we needed others to help walk us back from a hurt so deep we lost our way. Helping to make sense of the world again after our foundation crumbled a bit. It’s a gift from God, really, who uses just the right people to tenderly draw us back to ourselves and Him.

The character of Matt Jarreau represents those who hit rock bottom. Who feel overwhelmed by circumstances and retreat within. Who lose hope or lose their way due to life’s curveballs. Who are blessedly, tenderly, lovingly reeled back in by that one person who saw the hurt, felt the pain, and reached out. The character of Kate Donovan represents the compassionate souls who venture to walk the murky, dark places with those in need to restore the hope, courage, and confidence that dangles frailly at times in others. In the overarching theme of restoration, Ms. Wade beautifully illustrates God’s desire to restore and heal all who are hurting by picking just the right people at just the right moment to draw us back to all we are created to be.

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During her childhood in California, Becky frequently produced homemade plays starring her sisters, friends, and cousins. These plays almost always featured a heroine, a prince, and a love story with a happy ending. She’s been a fan of all things romantic ever since.

Becky and her husband lived overseas in the Caribbean and Australia before settling in Dallas, Texas. It was during her years abroad that Becky’s passion for reading turned into a passion for writing. She published three historical romances with Avon Books, then put her career on hold for several years to care for her kids, then recently returned to writing sheerly for the love of it. She felt led to move to the genre of contemporary Christian romance and couldn’t be more thrilled with it.

These days Becky can be found failing but trying to keep up with her housework, sweating at the gym, carting her kids around town, playing tennis, hunched over her computer, eating chocolate, or collapsed on the sofa watching TV with her husband. Learn more at:

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers via LitFuse Publicity Group in exchange for an honest review.


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