book review: Exposed, inexcusable me … irreplaceable Him

Title: Exposed: Inexcusable me … Irreplaceable Him

Author: Shannon M. Deitz

Publisher: Hopeful Hearts Ministry

Complimentary Copy provided by: The B&B Media Group, Inc. via Wild Card

Rating: B+

In a display of remarkable courage, author Shannon Deitz shares her soul in the autobiography, Exposed: Inexcusable me … Irreplaceable Him. With brutal honesty, Ms. Deitz conveys the details of a life scarred by incest, rape, drugs, promiscuity, betrayal, sickness, and loss. With tender resolve, she paints a picture of the God who pursued her, waiting to absorb her pain and offer the healing and courage to reach out to others who endured the same trauma and suffered the same loss.

Here is why Ms. Deitz’ autobiography is so important: because many youth are victims of abuse at the hands of a family member, friend, or trusted adult, and desperately need a compassionate mentor to reach out to them. They need someone to talk to. They need someone to turn to. They need an advocate. They need to know they are valuable. With great insight, Shannon reveals the circumstances that lead to the abuse, the spiral of self-destructive aftermath, and the psycho-emotional toll suffered for many years. My heart broke to learn how little support, guidance or interest was shown to her as a teenager; how she carried the secrets of incest and rape through her teens and twenties before finding the courage to tell someone; and how the weight of such burdens resulted in a self-destructive path for many years. I kept thinking how different her life could have been if someone, anyone with genuine interest and concern, reached out to her, befriended her, and walked the journey of healing with her. Those mentoring youth, teenagers or college-aged students will benefit from reading this book.

Similarly, anyone working with survivors of trauma and sexual abuse should read this book for in it Shannon reveals the long, tumultuous journey of dealing with the abuse and discovering hope and healing in Christ. One byproduct stemming from the abuses endured is the overwhelming sense of worthlessness permeating Shannon’s identity. In the deep places of her soul, Ms. Deitz believed there was little value within her. She recounts of often feeling haunted by an incredible sense of shame. Branded into her psyche, shame tainted and perverted the author’s ability to accurately perceive how others truly saw her. Shame also distorted how she viewed God and his desire to heal, redeem, and restore the brokenness she carried. Believing herself to be unlovable, Ms. Deitz walked many years of life convinced that God wanted nothing to do with her because she was ‘damaged.’ How that falsehood broke my heart but spoke to the reality of spiritual brokenness that exists within the community of survivors. Through therapy and the support of caring family, Shannon found healing and the courage to start a ministry to reach out to survivors of sexual abuse.

Although difficult to get through at times, Exposed: inexcusable me … irreplaceable Him reveals the story of a remarkable woman who overcame horrific abuses, found healing in the heart of her Maker, and is now on a quest to support others in their journey of healing.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from The B&B Media Group, Inc., in exchange for an honest review.

To take a sneak peek into Shannon Deitz’ memoir visit the Wild Card blog tour for this book.

We all yearn to be loved. It is our self-imposed litmus test for worthiness—our way of confirming we are special and knowing that we matter. Acclaimed author and speaker Shannon Deitz understands that yearning well. Raped at seventeen and then again as a freshman in college, she felt completely bypassed by love. Rebelling against the violent attacks on her body and struggling to quiet the pain through self-abuse, her feelings of worthlessness eventually became so palpable she could not fathom how anyone—most especially God—could love her. This only caused her to push deeper into her own torment.

“I endured countless, inexcusable trials, walking further and further away from the embrace of Christ because I felt too unworthy to look back,” Deitz recounts. “And worse, I didn’t want to be like them, those who were self-righteous…holier than thou. I liked me.”

At least she thought she did.

Then, at the age of 27, unable to fight the battle raging inside her any longer, she gave it all up. Face down on her bedroom floor with her life in shambles all around her, Deitz surrendered every aspect of her being to God. She gave up the self-judgment, the condemnation, the need to be better. She let it all go. And, in that moment, every fear faded away and for the first time since childhood she experienced true peace.

Now, a dozen years later, having shared her remarkable story of transformation in her critically-acclaimed and award-winning book, Exposed: Inexcusable Me…Irreplaceable Him (Pleasant Word Publishing, 2010), Deitz is taking her message to audiences across the country and abroad. Passionately sharing her own story, she unabashedly offers new hope to the hopeless and rekindles flames in coals of faith grown cold.

“My main goal,” Deitz explains, “is to help others. In whatever I am doing, I most desire to help others see their worth and become the best they can be. We are worth so much more than what we have been led to believe.”

One heart at a time, her goal is being realized. “I feel a sense of hope for the first time in over a year,” wrote one woman after hearing her speak. After reading Exposed: Inexcusable Me…Irreplaceable Him,another wrote, “My eyes were really opened by your truths and I wanted you to know that God used you to raise me out of the ashes and for that I am very thankful.”

Deitz is not stopping there. As one more way of achieving her goal of helping others, she has recently launched a new faith-based ministry: Hopeful Hearts Ministry. Offering presentations to groups such as women’s penitentiaries, women’s shelters, women’s clinics and teen shelters, the new site will be used as a venue for reaching out to the many who are suffering and in need of hope but who might be otherwise unreachable.

Deitz has served as a team speaker for the Franciscan University Steubenville Youth Conferences in Ohio, Louisiana, Florida, Minnesota, Rhode Island and Washington State, collectively reaching more than 40,000 teenagers. She has been a welcomed speaker at the Worldwide Youth Conferences in Madrid, Spain and Sydney, Australia and has given keynote addresses for dozens of youth, young adult and/or adult programs in the interim. She also reaches out to her audiences through her popular blog, Information regarding her book and current speaking schedule may be found on the site, as well as specifics for engaging her as a speaker for an upcoming event.

Shannon is available for speaking events, please visit


2 thoughts on “book review: Exposed, inexcusable me … irreplaceable Him

  1. smdeitz says:

    Thank you for the review! In writing EXPOSED I pray others who have suffered the shame of abuse feel encouraged to break through their silence to find courage in moving beyond the affects of abuse into a life of freedom in Christ’s love.

    • Su says:

      Ms. Deitz,

      Thank you for stopping by! Your experience will bring hope, encouragement, and direction to many who may not yet know Who to turn to or how to speak up. May your honesty continue to lead many to the Love that heals and restores all that is broken and afraid.


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