book review: Fun Loving You

Blog - Fun Loving YouTitle: Fun Loving You

Author: Ted Cunningham

Publisher: David C. Cook Publishers

Complimentary Copy Provided via NetGalley

Rating: A

 “Ted Cunningham gets it. Starting with his very first paragraph he shows you how to have

a vibrant, fun-filled marriage. And what I love the most is that he and his wife Amy live

in the real world and know how to relate to our lives.”

Dan Seaborn, speaker, author and founder of Winning at Home

Publisher’s Description:

For a Good Time, Call Home! Ted Cunningham has a surprising definition of marriage: a man and a woman enjoying life together. In fact, God created marriage to be a blast—even when it feels like the rest of life is going to explode. This refreshing book will help you:

  • Laugh together again (it’s easier than you think)
  • Make sex even more exciting than on your honeymoon
  • Discover how to make doing dishes together a party
  • Fight as teammates, not opponents
  • Figure out how to break the routine without breaking the bank
  • Remember why your spouse is the most likeable person you know

Fun Loving You puts laughter, fun, and even spin-the-bottle back into marriage.

My Thoughts:

What a delightful read. If you are married I suggest adding a copy of Fun Loving You to your “Marriage & Relationship” home library shelf. Author Pastor Ted Cunningham’s passion for helping couples live healthy, thriving marriages oozes off every page. With a passion for helping “people develop and maintain loving and honoring marriages,” every chapter of Fun Loving You is filled with encouraging stories, honest advice, practical activities for strengthening communication, and thoughtful reflection questions to engage solo or with your spouse.

While Fun Loving You is written for couples who have been together for some time, as a means to help overcome the routine and complacency that tends to settle into relationships with time, the context will speak to, and benefit, any season of marriage

Author - Ted CunninghamAuthor Bio: Ted Cunningham is the founding pastor of Woodland Hills Family Church in Branson, Missouri. A graduate of Liberty University and Dallas Theological Seminary, Cunningham is the author or co-author of numerous books, including Trophy Child and Young and in Love. He and his wife have two children.


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