book review: 7 Ways To Be Her Hero

7 ways to be her heroTitle: 7 Ways To Be Her Hero: The One She’s Been Waiting For

Author: Doug Feilds

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Complimentary copy provided by: NetGalley

Rating: A+


Celebrating ten years of marriage this year, I committed to read one book each month for the next twelve months about marriage and relationships. What a great way to start my “marriage enhancing” journey than with 7 Ways To Be Her Hero by Doug Fields.

7 Ways To Be Her Hero is the reason I enjoy reviewing books. Fields has written a witty and insightful self-help ‘manual’ intended to act as a guide for men who wish to enhance their marriage.

Yes. I know. I am not a man. I admit my curiosity and I read it anyway. I am one of the “sneaky women” Fields refers to who picked up a copy in order to scope it out. As much as I wanted to see how “on target” the author is when it comes to marriage advice for men, I also hoped to glimpse into the male psyche to glean what’s occurring in the “man chatter” these days about marriage so that I may learn how to improve my relationship with my hubby. I was pleasantly surprised on both accounts. Fields is right on target and I walked away with a fun list of ways to improve my relationship.

With a great deal of humour infused, Fields’ conversational style is endearing and immediately disarms any potential prickles that could poke the reader by sharing so openly from his own mishaps and experiences over 30 years of marriage.

While 7 Ways To Be Her Hero can certainly be considered a quick read, I’d advise against it. Skimming through will defeat the purpose. The principles and advice shared are relevant for men in any season of marriage (or can be referenced for a genuine refresher).

My only critique is in regard to the formatting for e-reader devices. I use a Kindle Paperwhite and at times I found the formatting choppy and broken, especially around chapter transitions, which I found distracting.

(I received a complimentary copy of this title from the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.)

About the Author:

Doug FieldsDoug Fields was a youth pastor for 25 years and has been teaching pastor at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church since 1992. An award-winning author of more than 40 books, Doug speaks regularly at Saddleback and other locations around the world. He and his wife Cathy have 3 children.

To find out more about Doug Fields visit:

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