About Us

Hey there!

Welcome. Poke around. Stay a while. Leave a comment or two so we know you were here.

What is there to say that can be summed up in a few short sentences? The short-and-skinny on us:

We are advocates for the poor.

Activists for the oppressed.

Humanitarian to those in need.

We’re committed to making this world a better place one intentional act of compassion, justice, love and kindness at a time.



  1. Dear Su and Rob, Thank you for taking time to review my new book, ‘Giants in the Land’. I was especially pleased to see that you took time to really understand the characters in whom I put so much of my heart and appreciated the focus of the book. Since I am so close to my own writing I often feel my own opinion is unreliable so it is so satisfying when the heart of the message is identified so clearly by readers. If you would like some giveaways in connection with the book, please let me know by contacting me on my website, facebook or email. We have some great shirts that have been very popular with young and old alike. They have the message printed on the front “Live with the Heart of a Giant”.

    Thanks again,


    1. Mr. Burbidge,

      Thank you for your kind words and the offer to promote a few giveaways in conjunction with this review. I will send an email shortly. And thank you for writing a character who is kind, devoted, and wiling to do what is necessary even when fear or doubt settle in. Thomas is truly an admirable character. I am looking forward to the next edition in this series. 🙂

  2. Hello Mom,

    I think I’ve had this blog for about a year…? Maybe. I don’t update as often as I intend to, but I’m workin’ on it. 🙂

  3. Just found this. I just clicked on the kitty pictures and there it was. How Cool! How long has this been here? It must have taken you a long time to set up. I was wondering why you guys weren’t posting on facebook for a while there, was it at this time that you were doing this?

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