Book Nook

So, in my spare time I like to read. I recently started offering book reviews for the following sites:

(1) BookSneeze

(2) Blogging for Books

(3) netGalley

(4) Tyndale House Publishers

(5) Litfuse Publicity Group

In exchange for a free copy of a requested book I offer an honest critique of the material. My ratings are pretty simple. Since I have no idea how to incorporate any of the cutesy rating symbols found on Blogger sites (like hearts, butterflies, apples, etc.) into my blog posts,  I use the old-fashioned academic grading system. 🙂

A+ = I thoroughly enjoyed the book, will read it again, and highly recommend it to others.

B = Good read, gleaned some thought provoking information, may read it again, may pass it along to others.

C = Glad it was free because I wouldn’t spend the money on it, will not read it again, and will just donate the book (or bury it).

Feel free to poke around and leave your comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts on books we share.




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