book review: Adventures Under the Mango Tree

Title: Adventures Under the Mango Tree: A Story of Hope in War-Torn Sudan Author: Lillian Ann Klepp Publisher: Creative Enterprises Studio Complimentary Copy Provided by: The Barnabas Agency Rating: B Publisher’s Bio: Hearing the tremendous needs of orphans in Sudan, an ordinary women in Wisconsin prayed, “Lord, what can I do?” His answer was life … Continue reading book review: Adventures Under the Mango Tree


book review: Be A Changemaker

Title: Be A Changemaker: How To Start Something That Matters Author: Laurie Ann Thompson Publisher: Beyond Words/Simon & Schuster Complimentary copy provided by: NetGalley Rating: A+ for content (C+ for formatting) Release date: 9/9/2014   Publisher's Description: We've had the civil rights movement and the women's movement—now it's time for the youth movement. When Divine … Continue reading book review: Be A Changemaker

book review: Redefining Girly

Title: Redefining Girly: How Parents Can Fight the Stereotyping and Sexualizing of Girlhood, from Birth to Tween Author: Melissa Atkins Wardy Publisher: Chicago Review Press Complimentary copy provided via NetGalley Grade: A+    “Sexualization affects all races, economic classes, and geographies. It robs children of their right o childhood and to reach psychological developmental milestones … Continue reading book review: Redefining Girly