Life in Chicago

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. So, my grand plan was to link Rob’s blog to this page so that updates would appear (*like magic*) with just one simple click. But, I can’t quite figure out how to accomplish this … yet!

Rob and I moved to Chicago in 2010 to work with a parachurch organization called Family Empowerment Centers, where I served as the director of development and Rob served as the Envision teams coordinator, lead worship, and managed the Centers’ plot in the community garden.

After a few years, we left the north side of the city, heading south toward White Sox stadium, where we are now co-leading a church plant, in partnership with the Midwest District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.



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  1. Hi Susan,

    My name is Cliff Ward, and I’m the freelance journalist the Chicago Tribune has assigned to cover the Nunu Sung case. Would you mind calling me this afternoon? I’m at 847 809 3625.


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