A Call To Action on Behalf of Nunu Sung

Nunu Sung with her son.

Dear Reader,

Thank you! You have followed along and many have asked, “How can I get involved?”  Provided are a few steps that will have a BIG impact in support of Nunu Sung’s fight to be reunited with her son, Joshua.

What is required to help Nunu Sung is awareness of her case and public pressure on the State’s Attorney.  I am asking every person reading this post to commit to the following:

(1) Spread the Word!

Repost these articles on your blog. Send them to Facebook. Tweet about the injustice of Nunu’s case in that the prosecution team and DuPage County State’s Attorney, Bob Berlin, are going back on his word and violating the terms of the Plea Agreement. Talk about it with your friends, neighbors, co-workers and anyone who will listen!

(2) Contact the Newspapers

Contact Chicago news reporters and ask them to cover this case.

Reporter, Chicago Tribune, Christy Gutowski:   cmgutowski@tribune.com

Reporter, Daily Herald, Mary Wilson: mwilson@dailyherald.com

Send a letter to the following media sources:

Letter to the Editor, Chicago Tribune (Click here.)

Letter to the Editor, Daily Herald (Click here.)

Letter to the Editor, Chicago Sun Times (Click here.)

To The Editor,

In following recent articles related to the case of Nunu Sung, I find it concerning that presiding Guardian ad Litem, Kathleen Anderson, is willfully attempting to violate the terms of a plea agreement by filing a petition to terminate the parental rights of Nunu Sung. This petition, and current trial, is in direct violation of the legally protected conditions of Ms. Sung’s plea agreement established in October of 2010—a Plea Agreement contracted by all parties involved in this case, including Ms. Anderson. I am concerned for the consequence such action will have on the integrity of future plea bargains if the prosecution, under direction of Kathleen Anderson, is allowed to violate the terms of Nunu Sung’s plea agreement. Moreover, I find it unfair that the prosecution team–under the direction of Kathleen Anderson–is attempting to renege on a legal contract while the defendant has honored the terms.

Here’s to hoping Judge Anderson denies the petition and in so doing, holds the prosecution–and Kathleen Anderson–accountable to the terms set forth.

Respectfully Submitted,

(Your Name, City)

(3)  Place Pressure on DuPage County’s State’s Attorney, Bob Berlin

Contact Bob Berlin directly and express your outrage over his involvement in supporting the violation of the terms of the Plea Agreement set forth for Nunu Sung. Demand that he drop the injunction to terminate Nunu Sung’s parental rights and honor the terms of the original Plea Agreement set in October of 2010 to allow Nunu Sung parental rights upon her release from prison.

Voice your concern loud and communicate often!

WRITE: Bob Berlin, DuPage County’s State’s Attorney, c/o Judicial Office Facility – Annex, 503 N. County Farm Road, Wheaton, IL 60187

EMAIL: Email: sao@dupageco.org (in the Subject Line:  Attn: Bob Berlin – Honor Plea Agreement for NuNu Sung)

CALL: 630.407.8000

FAX: 630.407.8151

(4) Help Fund Legal Fees

Nunu Sung has incurred many legal fees in her efforts to fight for her parental rights. Please consider making a contribution to help cover the costs associated with this case.

Donations of any amount may be sent to:

The United Christian Chin Church, 602 E. Geneva Road, Wheaton, IL 60187. Checks payable to: UCCC, with “Nunu Sung Legal Defense Fund” in the Memo line.

Thank you for getting involved!




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