book review: Adventures Under the Mango Tree

Adventures Under the Mango TreeTitle: Adventures Under the Mango Tree: A Story of Hope in War-Torn Sudan

Author: Lillian Ann Klepp

Publisher: Creative Enterprises Studio

Complimentary Copy Provided by: The Barnabas Agency

Rating: B

Publisher’s Bio:

Hearing the tremendous needs of orphans in Sudan, an ordinary women in Wisconsin prayed, “Lord, what can I do?” His answer was life altering!

Adventures Under the Mango Tree is Lillian’s journal of touching stories with heartwarming photographs of the precious orphans they help, the dedicated people who love them, and the often life-threatening struggles they face together.

My Thoughts:

So, I have a confession to make. This blog review is way past due—as in embarrassingly past due. As in so past due I’ve received two review reminders! Life has been a bit crazy here with a job search and move coming up very soon. My apologies to the ever patient staff at The B&B Media Group.

Adventures Under the Mango Tree offers an overview of the author’s relocation from the midwest United States to rural Africa. Author Lillian Ann Klepp, affectionately referred to as “Mama Lilly”, provides a glimpse into the challenges of moving half-way around the world to engage in orphan care. I am always amazed and inspired by people who learn of a need and respond with action, becoming part of the solution and change-makers in the process. In the case of Dennis and Lillian Klepp, they sold everything, left their jobs, family, friends, and comfortable lifestyle in the States to start a ministry in one of the most volatile climates in Africa: southern Sudan. Since 2001, the Klepp’s have opened two orphanages, a school, and a hospital, serving more than 500 children and thousands of families through their ministry Harvesters Reaching the Nations.

I was most impacted by the strong Christian faith of Lillian and Dennis. Adventures Under the Mango Tree is a beautiful example of the myriad of ways God calls people to action and responds to needs in prayer. The Klepp’s have endured sickness, critical health conditions, funding shortages, invasions by rebel militia and so much more, but through it all God heals, restores, and continues to provide and expand the work.

As inspired as I am, I must admit I was left wanting a bit more. Adventures Under the mango Tree is a recounting of the author’s journey, outlined in short, chronological segments, which makes for a super-quick read that offers a general overview of experiences. A bit more depth would have been helpful for setting the socio-political context in Sudan, offering a bit more on the challenging cultural dynamics, and I wanted to know more about the children in terms of their personalities, interests, hardships, and agency impact.

Harvesters Reaching the Nations is a wonderful organization, impacting the lives of hundreds of children and thousands of families in Sudan, Africa. Visit their website to learn more about how you can support their critically important work.


About the Author:

Adventures - Lillian KleppLillian Klepp, fondly called “Mama Lilly,” cofounded Harvesters Reaching the Nations in 2001—a nonprofit, nondenominational, Christ-centered ministry to orphans in what is now South Sudan. She and her husband, Dennis, with more than 100 local employees care for nearly 200 orphans, educate more than 500 school children, provide hospital care for thousands of women and children, and help hundreds more through their local church. To find out more visit Harvesters Reaching the Nations:

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